My name is David Francis Smith (also credited as David Smith, David F. Smith, Dave Smith, or D. F. Smith). I don't really feel comfortable calling myself a professional writer, but people keep giving me money to write things for them, so I guess I have to take the world's word for it at this stage.

I didn't always want to do this. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a scientist. I read a lot of cyberpunk novels back then, and the notion of grafting some bitchin' bionic razor-blade shit onto my 4'10", 75-pound frame sounded cool. Then, when I got to college (at the age of 14, thanks to the University of Washington's early-entrance program), I discovered that I was a lazy waste of flesh, with a temperament wholly unsuited to engineering or the sciences. Luckily, the history department -- and later, the University of North Carolina's graduate program in Library Science -- came to my rescue, providing me with studies I could skate through while playing videogames and jerking around on the Internet.

Then people started paying me to play videogames and jerk around on the Internet. I didn't ask, but Dave Halverson offered, and at the time it seemed like a good deal. Later, offered -- that was a pretty good deal at the time, too. A few years after that, the Ziff-Davis Media Game Group offered, and in that case the deal was honestly pretty sweet.

My writing has been published by Gamers' Republic,, Gamespy,,, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, GMR, GameNOW, Xbox Nation, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming World, Pocket Games, PSM, PiQ, Brady Games, Interact, Newtype USA, Animerica, X-Play, GamePro, Nintendo Power, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, the Finnish game magazine Pelaaja, Future Anime, some buyer's-guide rags, and TV Guide. I've done a couple of internal evaluations of projects for publishers who may remain nameless. I helped edit the translation of a major RPG release. I think I did as best I could, but I still wish I could go back and do it over again. My ugly mug and unkempt hair have appeared on the G4 TV programs "Icons" and "Filter," as well as the Konami-produced "Metal Gear Solid 2 The Trailer" DVD released in Japan

I've covered the industry's two biggest trade shows, the Electronic Entertainment Expo and the Tokyo Game Show, five times each. (I attended two more E3s as well, but I didn't work them full-time, so they don't count. I appreciate's staff putting up with me that latter year, though.) More recently, I helped cover bits of the New York Comic-Con -- never again. The Tokyo International Anime Fair was pretty cool, though.

I jumped in the pool at a Sony E3 after-party while stone-cold sober. Security threw me out of the club, over the very kind objection of SCEA public relations boss Molly Smith. I'm still kind of proud of that.

Right now I'm a bum. Puts it a bit bluntly, but it's more honest than calling myself a "freelancer," in my opinion.